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Independent Country Recording Artist LANDON MICHAEL Has Self-Financed Over $1 Million and Counting to Promote His Music Career

Landon Michael

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Los Angeles, CA (July 31, 2019): According to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), breaking an artist into a major market can cost $2 million: https://www.riaa.com/facts/. This is from a report published by International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI): https://www.ifpi.org/how-record-labels-invest.php.

Independent recording artist Landon Michael has self-financed over $1 million in his quest to realize his dream of becoming a professional, career musician, all while supporting a family and running a small construction company.

Most independent musicians have no idea about what it actually takes to have a thriving career in music. For starters, they need to make a huge financial commitment in order to break into the music industry in any meaningful way. Yet, few artists discuss this fact publically.

During his ten years in the music industry, Landon has experienced many challenges that few artists talk about, much less reveal to the public. In building his career, Landon's expenditures for developing his brand include all the necessary elements needed to create a sound, record music, increase his fan base, and garner radio, social media and press exposure. "For a little over ten years, I have been playing and recording music professionally," he explains. "Most of this time has been spent weeding through the advice and suggestions of others. The music industry is continuing to change, and so have I. With change comes reevaluating my strategy and finding my place in the industry. But, I always hold on to the core of what's driving me to be an artist: to produce great music and inspire my kids to never give up."

Landon has evolved to become a talented and stylistic recording artist, and has recorded nearly 100 songs to date. The artistry in his music maps the journey he's taken in finding his purpose and his vision. He set out to do things differently in a changing industry; an industry where uniqueness and individuality rule. The result is a sound that's fresh and honest.

Landon's latest single, "Maybe By Memphis," is set for a September 13 release Written by established songwriters Craig W. Boyd and Bradley Truman Crisler, "Maybe By Memphis," is about finally getting over a relationship and moving on. "I think everyone has that someone that they regret letting go," he explains. "You think about what it could've been. The temptation might be there to try again. But, because it took so long to get over that person, you know it's for the best to not be together. It's a heart-wrenching, internal struggle that you fight with every bit of your being to not give into."

Born and raised in Missouri, and armed with talent and aspiration, Landon knew he needed to be in Nashville to pursue his music career. "While most artists tend to play live at bars and honkytonks in Nashville to get recognized and develop their career, I knew that wasn't how I wanted to do things," he reveals. "I wanted to learn as much as possible about the music industry. Recording allowed me to do that by meeting other musicians and industry people. This included building a brand, talking to songwriters and song pluggers, obtaining mechanical licenses, hiring a producer, booking studio musicians, finding a record deal and understanding radio promotion, and more."

Landon concentrated on strengthening his vocals and training to become a better singer. All his hard work has subsequently produced vocal melodies that are smooth, soulful and expressive. "I came to Nashville with the intent to record songs as much and as often as possible," he continues. "I knew I needed to build my recording experience and hone my voice. Once I felt my vocal range had developed and increased in a significant way through recording, and I found my sound, I decided to focus next on finding that hit song that would speak to who I am as an artist and take me to the next level."

"I also knew that if I wanted that hit song, I had to get it to radio. So, much of my resources went to accomplishing that. I have managed to reach radio in the secondary markets, including some Billboard stations. But, this is just scratching the surface of where I want to be."

To date, Landon has had multiple songs on the radio and charting in secondary markets. One of Landon's recent successes includes his single "You're Invited" reaching #1 on the New Music Weekly Chart and holding the position for two weeks. Last year, Landon recently released his cover of Journey's hit song "Open Arms" to country and adult contemporary radio. The single gained radio spins on both formats, and the accompanying music video was a selection in both the Los Angles Film Awards and the New York Film Awards.

View the "Open Arms" video here:

Landon is at the point in his career were he's looking for a joint venture with a record label or other entity. "I've already done the investing that they would have to do to develop a new artist. In my opinion, finished recordings and an established brand would be attractive to any label."

Until then, Landon is willing to continue to do whatever it takes, financially and otherwise, to achieve his dream. "I have no desire to stop until I reach my goal. It's my hope that I set an example for my children to never give up on their dreams."

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