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Jun 25, 2015


"I'm on the outside looking in...
On the periphery is where I live...
I can't follow, can't follow your rules...
I'm a free spirit, baby."

- "For the Love"

FireBug is all about creating music in its purest form; music that expresses passion, hopes, dreams, and pure joy.

"We write songs about freedom and our eternal quest for it throughout the ages; the sounds and sights of 'nature' and how they affect us in everyday life; and the ever-changing urban landscape, and how that continual change affects how we relate to one another," says FireBug's lead singer, Juliette Tworsey.

FireBug's new full album Homeostasis is set for a September 15 release. According to Jules Shapiro, lead guitarist and cofounder. "This album presents a new dynamic in our band, both with our sound and our approach."

Juliette embraces a variety of musical genres, including '60s/'70s rock (Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin), soul (Aretha Franklin, Janis Joplin), '90s "alternative rock" (Soundgarden, Beck, Elliott Smith), blues (Willie Dixon, Howlin' Wolf), and contemporary rockers like Queens of the Stone Age and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Jules credits guitar gods such as Jimmy Page and Ritchie Blackmore, as well as 'Delta Blues' artists like Johnny Lee Hooker and Muddy Waters, with shaping his unique sound.

Juliette and Jules each originally hail from Chicago, where they first met. Jules recalls, "Juliette was working in a Chicago blues club called Kingston Mines back then. Together, we saw many impromptu performances by well known artists when Juliette worked there, like The Black Crowes, Buddy Miles and Junior Wells."

"We rented a live-in rehearsal loft in Wicker Park, where we started FireBug," he continues. "After a year, we moved to L.A. and rented a small house behind Silverlake Lounge. We would throw events in our backyard every few months called 'Firelight' and would have four or five local east side bands play there."

Now based in New Orleans full-time, Juliette and Jules are inspired by the city itself and its rich musical history.

Upon their arrival in New Orleans from Los Angeles, Juliette and Jules performed as street musicians in the French Quarter. "We met so many talented musicians on the street," Jules remembers. "It was a real awakening for us."

"It was the laissez-faire attitude that New Orleans has come to be known for that initially attracted us," he remembers. "The first time we came to NOLA was right before Katrina. We wanted to check out all the underground clubs and speakeasies It felt so relaxed, and we love that! It's a town where you could just walk out your door hear some of the most amazing musicians. New Orleans has inspired new ideas that we've incorporated into our sound and our songwriting."

Juliette's presence and talent are part of what helps FireBug stand out. Never one to blend in with the crowd, she has sort of a Chrissie Hynde-meets-Grace Slick vibe, but with her own unique twist and flavor. "Having a female vocal in a rock setting is still somewhat of a rarity these days," Jules observes.

"Wine Water & Bread," the album's debut single, describes how the simple joys in life are all you really need. "If you should fly too close to the sun/Never to be seen, never to return/Beyond the fire, beyond the third tier/Time is of perception so I hear/When you've got... /Wine, water and bread/When we've got wine, water and bread."

"Shallow Water" is about not being afraid to question the conventional thinking of the day. "Here comes the salesman/With deals in hand/No I won't give in, no, to his demands/'Cause I'm living in shallow water/living in shallow water/living in shallow water/No more... no more."

"'For The Love' is about doing what you love, simply because you love it," says Juliette. "Times are hard and the tension is higher/And you keep on pushing me into a corner/I'm gonna put on, put on my dancing shoes/And dance away all of my blues... and... /Do it, do it, do it/I do it for the love, yeah"

Juliette and Jules each have their own unique way of writing FireBug's songs. "Juliette writes the lyrics and melody on acoustic guitar, and the rest of the band and I take it from there musically, complimenting the vocal dynamics. I write on acoustic guitar as well. I also come up with riffs and melodies on electric guitar, during band rehearsal, or just jamming out a cool riff or chord. We've worked together long enough that there's an understanding between us... it's a subconscious thing."

As far as FireBug's live show, expect a performance that is soulful and sincere. Get ready to connect with Juliette and Jules on a deeper level, through the sheer passion of their love of music.

These days, you probably won't run into Juliette and Jules performing on the street in the French Quarter. Or maybe you will... with FireBug, anything can happen. One thing's for sure, on the streets, onstage or just hanging out, FireBug knows how to "laissez les bon temps rouler" (let the good times roll), as they say in New Orleans.

Won't you join them?

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